Monday, December 17, 2012

Storm Update

Just a brief update.  The storm pretty much followed yesterday's model prediction.  The low center is now over the north Cascades and moving inland rapidly.  Here is the latest surface chart over western WA at 5 AM.  Strong winds have followed the low into the southern and central Sound, with winds gusting to 40-50 mph.  Also strong winds have pushed into the Strait.  We are just past the max winds in Puget Sound, with weakening to occur this morning.
The maximum winds (gusts) for the 24 h ending 5 AM for Washington and Oregon are shown below.  The Oregon coast got hammered with lots of places getting 50-60 mph winds, some more.  Some 40-50 mph gusts in the Willamette valley.

 For Washington, 60 mph+ along the coast, with 40-60 mph in the Strait.  40-50 mph gusts in southern Puget Sound, with higher winds (up to around 60 mph) in the southern Sound.

The biggest storm of the season so far (and I haven't even talked about snow in the mountains), but typical of the strongest storm we get each year.

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