Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Vintage Camera & I: Film On Streets.

Olympus OM10.
It seems like there is always the issue that when we shot with film camera on this digital age. I just to share  my film or digital and if i really have to say, i will write it down here...after all it's just a hobby.I do collect a few junk of film camera & It's really personal .Just love to see them 'Film is not Dead'.So here's just my little personal thoughts, looking at the images from it has more feel. With the under-saturated colors, rough texture, grains and the imperfection of the unknown images, it just sum up to a perfect experience and journey for the images.
Personally, the digital camera complements my film cameras, and they both have their uses. As they say, these are just tools. Use whichever that helps you achieve your vision better.
Below is few set of images from my 2012 film album ,film on street.

To be honest to myself..leaving aside the images quality etc personally i do like the experience shooting film..
Thank You.

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